Fish Trax™ Lets You Track Seafood Products

Do you want to know for sure who caught that seafood you recently enjoyed and where it was harvested? Now you can with Fish Trax. And in the process, you learn about the community of people, starting with the fisherman and his crew, whose efforts brought such succulent seafood to your table!

Find Your Fish

Discover the Fish Trax Marketplace. Select “Find” and then “Find Your Fish” in the menu bar, and by entering some simple information into the boxes above the map, you can find where your fish came from.

See How Fish Trax Works

Enter the Fish Trax Trace Code you received from the restaurant or market where you purchased your fish. Enter your ZIP code. Your ZIP code lets the fishermen see where their fish have been distributed. Click the red “Find Your Fish” square.

If you don’t have a Fish Trax Trace Code, you can still check out a demo of the system by entering Fish Trax Trace Code L02990, or scan this QR code with your smartphone.